Welcome to my yet another Minetest server. The game can be accessed on through port 40000 using Minetest client version 0.4. Please don't use CSM for exploit, better to exploit your singleplayer game, being God and get everything in a deus ex machina way.


I really enjoy being alone so usual gameplay with lot of people doesn't make me comfortable. This server will try to put each player randomly inside a very wide world of Minetest. There is lot of space in Minetest world so why must we be crammed in a concentrated area. New players used to be very vulnerable but by spawn very far given chance to prepare, learn and decide when should meet other players.

The Game

Suppose you are stranded in nowhere land with no one around. Nothing for initial stuffs, starting from nothing really reduce burden from losing stuffs. The chance seeing other player is very small, players are spawned across 40000x40000 area and teleporting is the only possible way to meet others. We can have hunger and thirst and like history said that people usually settle near source of water and food. It is up to you to be alone even you can hide your nametag using /hidename chat command so people can't pinpoint your location visually. Why not invisible? well people can hide but not be invisible. If loneliness kills you because we have monsters just to make the game interesting, you can invite people to teleport to your place /tphr or request teleport to theirs /tpr. If it turns out to be hostile being with people it is the risk you must take for trusting someone. People can be partner or enemy. This is no killing server where player come to get butchered by other players or mobs. You can build something but don't let your guard down. Spiders, ducks and other pesky monsters sometimes pay visit to your home and dying is bitter. Setting home is not one of your privileges, you may end up losing everything and put somewhere far away. Build new life in your remaining age or spend travelling to your bones directed by /showbones. Bed may be one of very useful stuff as bed records spawning location, build one if you can afford. Life is slow here but not unlimited, people are getting older and it is a natural problem. There will be no life without death. While the game normally played alone from nothing player may choose to warp to gather point using /warp gather, there is small (very small) cobblestone shelter with almost the same instruction. There is chance meeting other players there. At that gather point there is an exchange devices to trade your collected items for others. I'm trying to provide basic needs in cheapest price that you can buy after selling abundant items like monsters life energy or sticks or something I need. Please take time scanning traded items on exchange terminal.

Key features

Consider before joining the world:

  1. Damage enabled plus hunger and thirst, this is enough challenging to be near source of water. Foods are abundant even bait worms are edible.
  2. Torch only last one night and can be held to light surrounding like in cave exploration. Lit torch can be posted on the wall for lesser duration. Craft Constructor and construct light for eternal illumination.
  3. Trees are hard and player must use axe to mine and re-mine.
  4. Free sticks are sometimes dropped under trees. Rocks are hidden in dirt in rare quantity. Rocks also appear on exposed stones from weathering. You can use pebbles as well as stone substitution.
  5. Hostile mobs fill the landscape, some acts silly but others may be deadly. They roam the lands, water, air, caves and dungeons. Sometimes they can sneak inside your building.
  6. Microeconomy by using Minegeld credits as currency (global_exchange) with a bit different system from other servers. The value may be affected by availability and usage in items trading.

Some Rules

  1. Please don't use any kind of cheating. Cheating only proofs cheating while this server tries to give sense of survival in a wilderness.
  2. Kids may be around so support creating apropriate atmosphere for all. Actually I hope more kids here to have idea about nature survival.
  3. Griefing may happen but since you have to travel very far, what's the point? Be careful when inviting or invited that may be your demise.
  4. People can only interact and shout and use warp to gather point, only admin can play God and admin means no harm.
  5. Please, plant trees, vegetables, spare bamboos to conserve them.


This world tries to support teaching learning in a virtual world, there are teacher and student roles that I hope can support the process. There are also ranking system which delegates responsibility among players. It means that players with higher rank responsible for in-game situation more than players with lower rank. However, players with lower rank shouldn't bee to dependant to higher ranks as they are not officially moderators or admin. Asking for materials or bugging for help is somewhat discoraged.

Usually player can establish themself after around 30 years in this world from nothing. I didn't start from creative mode, purely in survival I'm testing this world. This world has age to measure how long you've been staying use /age to know yours. I dug mines stone by stone establishing stairs and tunnels without automatization. I can guarantee this world is playable alone, what a player need is patience, good timing for basic needs like hunger and thirst. Stay low, hunker down at night, travel at day and further from gather point. Monsters concentrate on place with more activity. If you can afford bed or sleeping bag, once again it will be really helpful.

Last Words

Last words when you see a dragon, or two

The server may encounter unexpected problems, this is not a perfect world, it can be fast, slow or stop altogether. Say hello to brian_rhardii[at] I have made forum post about this here, let discuss there about almost anything regarding the game. I found this world is very difficult, better to ask friends help as they're more trusted than someone new from the game.